vitalia daza + how to wedding

So how do you learn to shoot weddings? You paparazzi on the best wedding photographer!

Let me introduce Vitalia Daza, the artistic soul and Calgary wedding photographer. Vitalia has been shooting weddings since she was 16 years old, and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alberta College of Art and Design(she is also a painter). She is always behind the camera…but this time she is in front of my camera!

I met Vitalia Saturday morning in Calgary, as she was packing her equipment bag to go to a wedding. She was going with an assistant, the fun and energetic Charity.

So first things first –  and it is breakfast,  because that might be the only meal until late evening. McDonalds drive by!

While chewing on the sandwiches, we drove to Banff, the breathtaking Rocky mountains. Before going to bride and groom for “getting ready” pictures, we stopped by already set up but deserted reception hall for some detail shots.

Next stop -Groom! This is still life that we found outside on a patio.  Cowboy hats with a beer can and cigarettes, whiskey, car keys, sunblock and a book! It must have been a good night!

Next is the bride.

(Being a photographer, you can not be geographically challenged, or you will never find your clients!)

We found her! The beautiful bride was getting ready with her mom and bridesmaids by her side. The atmosphere was very relaxing, to my surprise. So to spice things up, we stole a dress, and risking assistant’s life made sure we hung it as high as the mountains  and took some pictures.

The shoes are next!

After we returned the dress to the happy bride, she put it on and was ready for the ceremony!

So here comes the bride..This is the moment where photographer has no control of time or space. Vitalia remained almost invisible doing squats, trying to capture the important emotional moments of the ceremony.

Vitalia has three or four lenses that she uses during the wedding. This one is the heaviest!

Right away after the ceremony, everyone had  to be organized for formal family/friends shots.  Vitalia made it fun and easy, and what is important – quick!

Between ceremony and reception, while family and friends take a little break, bride, groom and bridal party take a drive for some more pictures. Sometimes place you had in mind is already taken by another wedding!?!?

So you have to fight them away or hike looking for another scenic spot. Check out Vitalia’s bag that she carries with her all wedding day!

The other wedding party left and bridge is ours..Whohoooo!

On our drive, we found this beautiful lake, and of course everyone had to go in!

Weddings require a lot of work, but don’t forget to smile and have fun!

P.S. You might think Vitalia is best friends with the bride, but this is just how she operates. She blends in with the family and friends and makes the process of taking wedding pictures not something you have to do, but something you look forward to be doing on your wedding day.

Thanks Vitalia for the awesome day!!