Olya Krasavina

film and digital photographer

My photography journey started in New York city, when I worked as a graphic designer in Fashion industry. Inspired by beauty and creativity, I picked up my first DSLR. Since then, I wanted to document everything.

As I graduated from New York Institute of Photography, I moved to Montreal, a city known for its arts and culture, where photography is a big part of the equasion.

I was lucky to have been immersed in everything Montreal had to offer from popular food festivals - La Poutine week and Le Burger week to numerous industry events, workshops, lectures to being a movie set photographer all while discovering diversity and creativity of Montreal.


Having grown up Jewish in the Soviet Union, immigrated to the United States at 17 y.o. and moved around North America multiple times, the themes of belonging, identity and cultural roots are especially important to me.


I am currently living and working in Vancouver, BC.